Sponsorship program

Wish to share your experience of CCI France Japon?

Sponsor your partners and clients!

CCI France Japon knows that as our members you are our best ambassadors. Who can better advocate the Chamber and the opportunities it offers than those who have tried and tested it? We would like to invite you to our new sponsorship program so you can help us enrich our community, while receiving unique benefits.

For every new membership brought by your company, you will receive either:

-    2 free invitations for our 2019 Business Summit.


-    1 spot for a day of training for you or your collaborators, to choose from the catalogue of CCI France Japon.

The sponsored company will receive as a welcoming gift:

-   2 free entries to committees’ events of CCI France Japon.


Conditions: Available for Active or supporting members (except Start-up), 1-day training except Intercultural and Global Manager Program, Committees within the limit of the number of seats available. Advantages to be used during the year following the sponsoring. 


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