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Conversation with Takami Founder Yuji Okamura

Tokyo American Club
Manhattan Room (B2F) 2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku

Langue : Japanese with simultaneous English translation

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Jeudi 13 Avril 2023 - 17H00

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4,700 JPY for Members
8,100 JPY Non-Members
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The French Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure to announce the next event "Conversation with Takami Founder Yuji Okamura" organized with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


Event Overview

What does it take to disrupt the Japanese market as a new startup? How can you beat entrenched Japanese competitors at their own game? How can you bypass Japanese department stores to succeed in prestige and luxury retail? How do you develop long-term relationships with Japanese consumers based on understanding and mutual trust?


If you would like the answers to these questions and more, join us for a conversation with Yuji Okamura, Takami founder and executive adviser to L'Oréal Japan CEO, where you can ask him yourself.


Okamura founded Japanese skincare product company Takami in 1999, innovating an omnichannel approach, selling directly to consumers online using a subscription model, and disrupted the prestigious skincare market and industry in Japan. He defied conventional wisdom that retail success relies on department stores and wholesalers in distribution, growing revenue to more than $60 million by 2019. The company continued to grow even during the Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020 while incumbent competitors experienced negative growth or, worse, losses.


In 2021, French cosmetics and skincare giant L’Oréal acquired Takami, whose brand is now globally situated within L’Oréal Luxe. In Japan, Takami’s business continues to grow while remaining faithful to its direct-to-consumer roots and eschewing department-store distribution, even today.


This event is the latest installment in the popular Conversation With series. Independent Business Committee co-chair Steven Bleistein will begin an on-stage conversation with Okamura, partway through which the audience will be invited to join. Ample time will be allotted for questions from the audience.


No slides and no speeches. Just lively discussion, your questions, and lots of business wisdom. If you are a manager involved in any kind of Japan market expansion or development, or a leader looking to grow your business with gusto, this event is not to be missed.


This is a Japanese-English bilingual event. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

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NOTE 1: This event is OFF THE RECORD.

NOTE 2: Please note that, as with all guest presentations, the content and comments of the speakers reflect their own opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the CCIFJ or ACCJ.

NOTE 3: Please note that by registering for this event in-person you are agreeing to the ACCJ Hybrid Health Consent document.

NOTE 4: If you cancel after the stated deadline, the full meeting fee will be charged to your account. Any registrations after the deadline will be charged a late registration fee of 1000 JPY

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