Online Training: Stress Management and Reinvent Ways of Working

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Mardi 1 Décembre 2020 - 00H00

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Members: 15000 JPY
Non-members: 25000 JPY
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Today’s situation represents a window of opportunity to rethink the world of work!

In this lunch & learn online training, you will acquire a better knowledge on the source of stress, how to handle it and make it positive. In this particular context of stress, you will also discover new ways of working and new methods.


Target audience

This lunch & learn session is aimed at anyone in a company working under stress and pressure and willing to get some tips to make it a strength on a daily basis.

The second part will be useful for collaborators and managers who want to be more innovative, embrace different ways of working and new methods during this crisis.


Programme outline

  • Build the awareness on what causes stress and identify typical symptoms of being stressful
  • Stress is not necessary a bad thing therefore learn how to leverage and mitigate stress
  • Ways of de-stressing
  • What have changed in terms of company culture and ways of working
  • Discuss and identify ways of changing the mindset and practices in the workplace
  • Quick wins and short to medium terms actions
  • Define next steps


About the trainer

Elsie Yung, Founder of Elsyung Consulting

Elsie is a seasoned strategic Human Resources professional, qualified Colour Consultant and Speaker with more than 25 years of professional experience gained from multinational companies working across Asia, Australia and UK.

Elsie specializes in providing tailored Human Resources consultancy and development solutions for organizations, teams and individuals within areas on global mindset & cross-cultural intelligence, global leadership, diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and business etiquette.

Elsie also focuses on increasing self-awareness and individual effectiveness through a process of learning about the strengths and how to bring out those elements on building self-confidence. On the branding aspect, she supports leaders on how to manage the organization and individual brands to elevate business effectiveness and results.

Elsie's passion is to share her own experience in managing different seasons of life. Her motto is "Flexibility, Humility and Continuous Positivity".


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