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Japanese sustainable solutions startup, working to solve societal and environmental problems with our products.

In the wake of the Coronavirus situation, we have been developing a faucet with an ozone water generating feature; this ozone water can destroy most bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus, in about 5 seconds of handwashing. The technology is basically an infinite-use disinfectant that doesn’t require refilling.

We would like to offer some of these ozone-generating faucets for free to the French hospitals most severely affected by disinfectant shortages, and we are looking for utilities companies or other agencies that could help us get our product to the affected hospitals. 


The CCI France Japon accepts no responsibility incurred by the uses of these products.


Takashima Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We produce the Industrial Brush for deburring of Metal workpiece and we are looking for a distributor.



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