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Summary sheet of financial aid

Many Japanese economic support plans have been launched. We have summarized all the financial aid to help you through the amount of information with a reference to detailed articles. We have also added a non-exhaustive list of expert members, who, because of their expertise, have agreed to support you in this particular context.



Elsyung Consulting Limited

Leadership and Personal capabilities, well-being related topic and personal brand and image




FI Group is a consultancy firm specialized in financing innovation through R&D Tax Credit in Japan. We can assist you on a technical & fiscal level, whatever your industry. Our consultants are all engineers or PhDs with collective expertise that covers every scientific field. In Japan, we provide our technical expertise combined with our CPA partners' expertise on tax accounting.

We provide a complete consultancy over the R&D Tax credit claim :
• Analysis of eligible projects in R&D
• Cost analysis & financial summary
• Writing technical & financial reports by our experts
• Monitoring & support in case of tax audit Our services enable our clients to benefit from available national schemes to finance their R&D projects.




Professional service including consulting, advisory, tax, deals for all industries. 

Our company can help you prepare for, response to and recover from the COVID -19 crisis.



Mandel & Associés

French and European legal advice in relation with the legal impacts of covid-19

We are specialized in corporate law, distribution law, intellectual property law and labor law. Moreover, we have a strong expertise in the business relationships between French and Japanese companies. Since the late 1970s, MANDEL-ASSOCIES has been one of the first law firms to represent Japanese companies for their investments in France.
Ever since, we continue to advise and assist Japanese companies wishing to set up a subsidiary, branch or liaison office in France, as well as the French subsidiaries of Japanese companies already incorporated in France, in the main areas of business law: corporate law, labor law, contract and distribution law, intellectual property and immigration law.
We have an extensive experience in Franco-Japanese affairs, whether it is in advising a Japanese company on the choice of the best form of company for its operations in France, assisting Japanese executives or employees in order to enable them to work and stay in France with their families, explaining to a Japanese employer the complexities and subtleties of French labor law, or protecting and defending the intellectual property assets of Japanese companies through our assistance in French and EU trademarks filings, the drafting of licensing agreements or the conduct of infringement actions before the courts.



Sia Partners K.K.

Management consulting support in cash management/cost optimization as well as growth and innovation.

Growth and innovation strategy for global companies working in Japan as well as domestic companies with a global footprint. Currently, our focus is to help companies become fit for growth and focus on how they can come out of the COVID-19 situation strong once it is resolved. We also have an experienced expert team of CFO advisory consultants that can assist in cost optimization/reduction to meet your current short term needs.




Business Process Outsourcing

BPO (Business process outsourcing) for French-Japanese companies especially in Import export and sales. We can work as a member of your company for sales promotion, import export Marketing. We are two French speaking Japanese, we have both working experience in Paris such as Trading company, Forwarder, Apparel, beverage, automobile component... Now we are based in Tokyo.  Our details in our website:




IFC holdings K.K.

FC holdings K.K. operates pharmacies in Asia (Japan, Tokyo & Cambodia, Singapore) as medical professionals in these areas.

They can provide you surgical masks:

  • Boxes of 50 masks: 40 boxes per carton
  • Minimum quantity order: 40 boxes
  • Price: under request



Passot KK

Passot, your partner for the implementation of hygiene measures in your commercial spaces, offices and others

We offer automatic hand sanitizers, automatic entrance temperature check device, face mask, face shield and other office splash protection. Customization possible, please contact us for more details. Producing in Japan, China, we export Globally.





Safe Distancing Assistant (Wearable device) in order to help maintain safe social distance between coworkers (school, factory, workplace).

At iWavenology we created a Safe Distancing Assistant Wearable device in order to help maintain safe social distance between coworkers (school, factory, workplace). Simply put, we provide wearable devices (Tags) to all staff that can wear it around their arm (armband), as a watch or around their neck (lanyard) etc… The device will vibrate whenever workers are detected as being too close to each other (The distance between them is customizable).



PTS Consulting Japan K.K.

Managed Services IT & Audio-Visual, CyberSecurity Consulting, Work-from-home kits procurement.

PTS Consulting Japan has dedicated teams to manage your IT, Audio Visual and Cyber Security environment. We are staying active during the lock-down period and are able to support you by phone / remote logging or physical visit to your premises (office or home) if mandatory.




Beeans Inc.

Project Management

Project Management is to make individual work & teamwork more efficient and effective. Process and flow are as follows:

  • We start from visualizing all necessary tasks (by speaking to the team/task leader)
  • Develop time/task schedule
  • Clarify who to assign each task to
  • Once the time/task schedule is completed, the actual project will start.

We will then support each member to fulfill the tasks on time. In case there are any obstacles, we will support the internal team communication to solve those issues.  


Clever Age

Free Web workshop on digital topics

We decided to open FREE web workshop on digital topics to support your business continuity plan. You will benefit from consolidated experience and collect good practices resulted from projects carried out successfully in the region. Topics proposed : Omni-channel architecture ; Product Information management ; E-commerce strategy ; Data management ; Web performance ; API 



exprime inc

Help in building and promoting brand awareness (internal+external), new services and products

exprime inc is specialized in design. Specially in time of crisis, we are a key partner for your communication. A new campaign, a new product, a new company, a change in your business line ? In BtoC, BtoB, BtoG, we help you to better tell your story to Japanese target. (Story-telling, branding, graphic design, packaging design etc.)



Kyodo Public Relations Co., Ltd.

Kyodo PR is one of the oldest and largest communications agencies in Japan. We help both, new and long-established non-Japanese companies promote their businesses in this market; from launching a business in Japan to how to get target local audiences to talk positively about our clients products/services. We can support in engaging the right audiences through cost-effective integrated communications programs that bring lasting results.

Japan is widely considered one of the most difficult markets to enter, and its unique business and media landscape is described as counter-intuitive by most multinationals. Breaking long-standing rules and customs often lead to failure and major investment losses. In this regard, Kyodo PR can help by offering our long network of media connections and provide our expertise in all aspects of public relations, including overall counseling, media relations, and promotional support for marketing and consumer sales. We provide actionable communication strategies, ideas, and advice to help all of our clients avoid pitfalls and concentrate on growth.




Mediakeys helps you create and fulfill local and international campaigns. On top of its historical OOH poster specialist international media trading team, composed of 16 hubs covering more than 100 countries, Mediakeys is a pioneer to automate and simplify Digital campaigns.

Mediakeys Platform centralizes planning, launching & optimizing digital campaigns, includes easy to use online tools such as an ad builder, geo builder, trading desk and proprietary bidding platform programmatic DSP. Customers such as E-commerce, Retails networks or franchise model businesses benefit from either managed service expertise or the speed and ease of a SAAS set-up.



Next Level Japan K.K.

Digital marketing/social

Digital Marketing services to drive online sales while physical shops are closed or empty.



Warp Japan KK

Solution Digitale pour de la vente en ligne

Création des sites e-commerces ou des solutions communication client.

Contact us



Japan Mobility

Assistance with any relocation/accommodation matter

Visa Assistance - Temporary and Long-Term Accommodation Sourcing & Booking - 24/7 Helpline in English & Japanese (Assistance with any daily life issues and emergencies) - Airport Pick-up & Drop off - Settling In Assistance



Tokyo Immo

TOKYO IMMO provide a service in French and assists your employees in all the steps concerning their installation.

Without limiting ourselves to offering accommodation, we can also take care of the administrative formalities and the opening of the various contracts. With TOKYO IMMO, your employees can get off to a good start in their new living environment.




WORKSTUDIO Corporation

Sustainable materials

We make real sustainable products. We can recycle waste clothing, leather, carbon, etc. into "boards". These are innovative ideas and technologies like never before. We can support companies' sustainability efforts with Sustainable Boards.



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