Are the NFTs, Gaming and Metaverse, the Next Big Thing for Your Company? Developing Business Models for a Virtual Future

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Design Thinking Committee

Introduction to the seminar

In recent months we have begun to hear a lot about some new trends and technologies, most notably the metaverse, NFTs and gaming. Considered as the next big technology they could be a groundbreaking business revolution. Most companies now understand that it is best not to ignore new technologies and trends for too long, something that has proven to be a costly mistake for many in recent years.
Just like most new technologies, deciding exactly how or whether a company can create value by using the metaverse, NFTs and games could be difficult. Therefore, this seminar present an overview on what these concepts are and how the metaverse, NFTs and gaming can shape new business models and be embedded into your existing business processes.
The seminar first presents these new technologies, then discusses and how they are related to companies in different industries (such as consumer products, services etc.) After this we will discuss how these new technologies can be integrated into existing business processes and how they allow companies to develop completely new business models. Examples of successful companies using the metaverse, NFTs and gaming to create new products, alternative income streams and increase profits will be presented.



18:00 - Reception & Opening

18:30 - Presentation

19:30 - Networking

20:30 - Closing


Outline Seminar

1)    What are the Metaverse and NFTs?
2)    Why do we need to know about it? 
3)    In which business fields can we apply the new technologies ? 
        a.    New Products and Services
        b.    Marketing and Branding
        c.    Customer Relations Management
        d.    New Business Models
4)    Case studies of companies using the Metaverse successfully
5)    Q&A and discussion

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