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Building a business in Japan vol2: the Challenges of entrepreneurship in Japan

Marunouchi Trust Tower 20F
1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Langue : English

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Free (pre-registration is mandatory)

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The Entrepreneur Committee of the French Chamber is back with the second edition of the event "Building a business in Japan" on Thursday, November 21, 2019, at the new offices of Servcorp, with Alexandre Bartholo, CEO of Assemblage, Helene Marbach, Co-Founder of the web portal vivreatokyo.com, and Marion Depierre Precheur, Co-founder of Domaine Mayoussier.

On this occasion, the three speakers will share their experiences: Alexandre Bartholo will deal with the different challenges regarding the creation of a company in Japan, while Helene and Marion will explain the importance of developing your network through the testimony of their experiences. 

A networking session will follow the seminar for participants to meet and exchange tips and advices.


Alexandre Bartholo, CEO of Assemblage

For over 15 years Alex has developed his passion for storytelling and design across film & television, advertising and events.

Alex is an accomplished director, a skilled and knowledgeable DP, and, as head of the production team at Assemblage, he is driven by the desire to deliver only content of the highest aesthetic quality that communicates client messages in ways that leave an impression.

Helene Marbach, Co-Founder of vivreatokyo.com

After arriving in Tokyo in 2015, Helene Marbach co-founds vivreatokyo.com in 2016, a web portal in French about visiting and living in Tokyo.

Before coming to Japan, she was a manager at SNCF, the French National Railways company, where she experimented first the home office concept in the early 2000.

Marion Depierre Precheur, Co-founder of Domaine Mayoussier

Co-founder and Business Developer at Domaine Mayoussier, a family vineyard based in the South of Lyon, Marion Depierre Precheur is also the Founder and Consultant of l’Atelier Arperel, which helps entrepreneurs with their business model, business plan, strategic vision and organization to achieve a sustainable model.

She arrived in Tokyo in 2017 and has been living and working in Asia since 2011. She has worked in various environments at senior management level, always focusing on team efficiency, improvement and wellbeing.

Helene and Marion met in Tokyo in 2017, as they took over the leading of the entrepreneurship group within Femmes Actives Japon, a professional network for French-speaking women in Japan. They manage a group of 15 entrepreneur women, helping them developing their hard and soft skills by organizing ad hoc trainings. They support them in their projects, help them gaining self-confidence, motivation and organization in the difficult  but exciting path of self-employment.

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