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Café Croissant :Venture building to Generate business developpement in Japan

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Venture building to Generate Business Development in Japan - The Science of New Business Failure and the Principles of Success

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan is delighted to announce its June Café-Croissant.

This event is exclusively reserved for member companies of the French Chamber. It aims to discuss a current topic and facilitate our members networking and sharing their experiences around a small breakfast. 

On June 20th (thu), our guest will be Mr. NOBUMOTO Henri, CEO as well as Mr. YOSHIDA Shinichiro, partner of NOBU Corporation and the theme will be as follows :


Venture building to Generate Business Development in Japan - The Science of New Business Failure and the Principles of Success -


Due to the shrinking domestic market caused by population decline and the rapid changes in market conditions and competition, the lifespan of a single business is becoming increasingly shorter. Regardless of the size of the company, creating new growth trajectories through new business ventures has become essential for corporate survival.

However, new business ventures often require approaches and investment philosophies that are the complete opposite of existing businesses. Despite significant investments, most companies struggle to succeed in these new ventures, with only a handful achieving success. Furthermore, while methodologies to prevent the failure of new businesses have been established, there is no reproducibility in their success, which is a major contributing factor.

In this context, Nobu Corporation's Mr. Nobumoto and Mr. Yoshida, both of whom have extensive experience in new business development at major Japanese and global companies, will present a "prescription" to increase the success rate of new business ventures. Through their insights, they will offer recommendations for revitalizing Japanese companies and propelling them onto the global stage through new business ventures.


Important note: Our café-croissant events are discussions around a topic with an expert of this particular topic. It aims to make a subject accessible to people who do not know much about the subject and allow them to ask questions and discuss with ease.

As a result, please understand that this event is not aimed at professionals of the given theme. 


Door open: 8:30am

Networking Mixer: 8:30am~9am

Presentation and discussion: 9am-10am


*Attendance is limited to 15 persons to be able to have an interactive session.

*Spoken language: japanese

For inquiries, please contact :


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