Come and meet Sport’A Vie Association, preparing the venue of kids with disabilities to the 2020 Olympic Games

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Sport’ A Vie, is a non-profit public interest association engaged in the integration, social promotion and citizenship education of the youth from deprived areas. Founded in 2001 in La Courneuve, the association relies on major international sporting events to make these young people involved in their education, to cultivate the idea of living together in harmony, and awaken their conscience.

Since 2002 and the Football World Cup in Korea, 4,500 children have participated in the 18 projects carried out by Sport’A Vie. Major events such as Olympics, World Cups, and Rugby World Cups have been a background to encourage these values.

They help these children to have an opportunity to open up to the world through trips and to be confronted with people who won’t bear any preconception on them.

Content production jobs and their educational dimension make the link with their own perception, the mirror effect of society and the understanding of what other people think. The goal of Sport’A Vie is to get more and more young people to become actors of their own lives. Supporting them is an act of citizenship.


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