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Webinar : Cybersecurity What can happen to me? Actually, a lot…

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PTS Consulting Japan - Novias

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan is glad to announce the next Information and new technologies Commitee Webinar.

Please come and hear from Yasuyuki Shinmen and Tsutomu (Yonny) Yoneyama from PTS Consulting Japan - Novias, about cybersecurity.

We are in the middle of work style changes.

It is not only the ongoing pandemic forcing us to change our way of life through digitalization or digital transformation. We are all working to make our businesses competitive and profitable in the coming decades.

Riding this wave, we see many terms are flying around; Cloud Computing, Working From Home, Workation (work + vacation), O365, Zoom…

OK, we hear them. Let’s take advantage of those latest technologies or work styles. But let’s not forget cybercriminals aim at every gap in the system and each moment our way of working changes.


Register for this webinar to explore:

  • New Normal Work Environment: What this means to you and what the key risks are
  • What the challenges today’s organizations facing are, from both business and technical perspectives
  • What the best practices are that we can adapt to the new workstyle


Speaker : Yasuyuki Shinmen

Director | PTS Consulting Japan - Novias

For more than a decade, Yasuyuki has led Japan country sales and operations at cyber security vendors, most recently focusing on foreign startups to land and set up foundation in Japan. Before assuming sales leadership roles, he spent more than ten years in product marketing and sales engineering positions in the foreign security and networking vendors. Yasuyuki received an MBA from Globis University, father of two daughters and a dog, and voluntary serving as a Japanese pro tennis player promotor, advisor for tennis academies and a member of Japan's Pro Tennis League establishment project.




Speaker : Tsutomu (Yonny) Yoneyama

Executive Officer | PTS Consulting Japan - Novias

Tsutomu Yoneyama (Yonny) has 25+ years of Enterprise and Service Provider Infrastructure Design & Implementation experience and is presently Executive Officer at PTS Consulting Japan K.K, an independent consulting firm providing professional & managed services for IT, Multimedia, Construction and Facilities.

His major focus is on facilitating digital transformation (DX) through cyber security governance, risk management, business continuity and resiliency consultancy as well as project management and telecommunications & network expertise.


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