Inherited mind through the three generations of the Koshino family

Tarif :
JPY 2.000 for members of the French Chamber and Paris Club
JPY 3.000 for non-members
Any cancellation after the deadline or no-show will be charged.

L'événement est terminé. *veuillez noter que l'ajout de l'événement dans votre calendrier ne signifie PAS que vous êtes inscrit. Vous devez d'abord vous inscrire si vous souhaitez assister à un événement.


The French Chamber is glad to announce the next event of Paris Club on Friday, January 18, 2019, at the Hoken Service System Holdings.

At this occasion, the Paris Club will start a new series of events about successful Japanese women, based in Paris. It will be a great opportunity to learn from their experience, be it about their communication skills or their consideration for others. 
The first guest of this new series of event, Yuma Koshino, designer, creative director and daughter of renowned fashion designer Hiroko Koshino, will kindly share stories about her grandmother, her mother and her own inspirational philosophy for the next generation in the fashion industry.


About the speaker

Yuma Koshino has gained a large popularity for her enjoyable, comfortable and original design.

She has been showcasing her new creations at the Japan Fashion Week Tokyo since the 2007/2008 Autumn Winter Collection and has also produced many costumes for the cinema and the theater, or uniforms for schools and big companies. 

As a university teacher, she has also been sharing her knowledge and experience to future generations. 

Modalités d'accès

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