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Japanese Economy and Society : Japan’s Productivity Puzzle


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What is the Lunch Webinar?

This event has been organized at the Maison franco-japonaise (Nichifutsu Kaikan) since 2004. It offers a presentation followed by a discussion dedicated to a specific issue of the time and aims to bring about a better understanding of Japanese economy and society

Summary :

To sustain income levels in face of a rapidly aging society, Japan will need to increase labor productivity. Value added per hour worked has been increasing over the last 30 years, but it remains very low in comparison to other OECD countries. In 2021, it was below 60% the US level. This is surprising given Japan’s excellent resource conditions: a high education level of its workforce, high investment in research and development and relative abundance of capital. The presentation will try to resolve Japan’s productivity puzzle and discuss possible ways on how productivity could be increased.

How to attend the Lunch Webinar?

This event will be streamed on Zoom. Participation in the Lunch Webinar is free but registration is required.


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