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Japanese turning to cynicism: how brands can stay relevant in the age of distrust

CCI France Japon, 1F Conference room
Iida bldg 2F, 5-5 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku

Langue : English and Japanese

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The Marketing and Retail Committee of the French Chamber is glad to welcome Kazuteru Tasaki, CEO of the brand consultancy Riskybrand, on Thursday, February 21, 2019. On this occasion, Kazuteru Tasaki will share what he has learned examining 10 years of psychographic data and its implications for brands.

Over the past decade, Riskybrand has been taking the pulse of Japanese consumers through its annual nationwide surveys. In this relatively short span of time, they have witnessed subtle but significant changes in the Japanese’s attitudes, beliefs and purchase behavior, with an on-going shift towards what they call a “cynical mindset”. Understanding what’s driving this shift will be fundamental to help brands maintain their appeal.

This presentation both in English and Japanese by Kazuteru Tasaki, and co-led by Apolline Coat, will reveal the major trends that are expected to affect the future of marketing in Japan and provide practical insights into what can make Japanese consumers tick in the age of cynicism.

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About the speakers

Kazuteru Tasaki is the CEO and co-founder of Riskybrand Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in market research, both in management consulting firms and client-side, Kazuteru Tasaki is one of the pioneers of psychographic research in Japan. He founded Riskybrand in 2001 with former Sony top designer Noriaki Kozuka.

The agency’s proprietary research engine MINDVOICE®, that gathers data across the values, beliefs and lifestyle of the Japanese people, was born from Kazuteru Tasaki’s strong belief in a more holistic approach to research that apprehends customers not only as consumers, but as individuals, revealing more meaningful layers of insight into what makes them tick.

Today, Riskybrand has evolved into a multi-cultural strategic branding agency that combines deep insights with the power of design to bring beautiful breakthrough to major domestic and international brands, from Toyota to the Hilton group.

Apolline Coat is a strategist at Riskybrand Inc.

Born in a French-Japanese family, Apolline graduated with a Master’s degree in Management from the French HEC Business School as well as from the Sorbonne University with a degree in Art History.

After working in various marketing roles between Paris and Tokyo including two years at Evian Japan, Apolline Coat joined Riskybrand in January 2018 as a research and strategy planner.

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