Joint-Chamber Networking Sake Night

Tarif :
JPY 9 500 for members of the French Chamber
JPY 10 500 for non-members
Any cancellation after the deadline or no-show will be charged.

L'événement est terminé. *veuillez noter que l'ajout de l'événement dans votre calendrier ne signifie PAS que vous êtes inscrit. Vous devez d'abord vous inscrire si vous souhaitez assister à un événement.


The French Chamber is glad to announce the next joint Chamber event on Friday, March 22, 2019. Come to mingle and network with 6 foreign Chambers’ members interested in Japanese food and culture.

This event will provide participants with a unique opportunity to discover a wide variety of Nihonshu, including some of the most prestigious brands as well as a special selection of local Sake (jizake), to offer experts and amateurs alike the opportunity to differentiate between the flavors and textures of each area.

There will be door prizes including Sake and a Traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan) stay !

Register quickly as the number of seats are limited!

Some of the participating breweries

Asahi Shuzo Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd
- Eh Shuzo,Inc.
- Tatenokawa, Inc.
- Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd.
- Nagai Sake Inc
- Kunimare Shuzo Inc.
- Kirishima Shuzo Co.,Ltd
- Usui Shop Co. Ltd.
- Honke Matsuura Brewing Co., Ltd.

and many more!


Event organized with the kind cooperation of

Modalités d'accès

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