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The training will inspire you to figure out how to define a problem and get acquainted with many problem-solving methods. Most importantly, this training heavily emphasizes the right mindset to deal with various problems that may arise, improving communication to work well with your team to solve problems. Thus, it is important to nurture constructive attitudes and assertive communication techniques to enable your team to be one-voiced, leading them toward shared goals and the objectives. It will also introduce you to the “OODA approach”, which will effectively guide you through the steps to solve a problem or reform an organization.

The training will involve active role-play (where possible) and discussion.


Who should attend?

This online training is aimed to anyone who wishes to develop the problem solving soft skill by understanding the mechanism and the solution to adapt for solving the problem.

This workshops targets at individuals or managers willing to get knowledge and awareness about this topic.


Training program and objectives

o             Defining a “problem”

o             Attitudes and “think big” mindsets

o             Systemic approaches

o             Team-ups

o             The OODA approach and the problem-solving process (define targets, collect information, identify real                      problems, decide actions, follow up and verify)

o             Problem solving tools

By the end of the session you will understand the constructive attitude, the decision-making processes, the tools in order to understand the solving problem overview.

New tools, more impact!


About the speaker

Makiko AUBIN-KURAMOTO, Ph.D. is a FUMI representative has more than 10 years of Management experience in the automotive industry with proven results as Project manager development in Japan and overseas. Program management implementation inside a lean company with immediate results.

Expertise in organizational psychology, developmental psychology, family psychology, intercultural communication, and various research methods, including statistics and qualitative analysis.

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