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Lunch Webinar : Japan’s Geoeconomic Strategy and Challenges in the Indo-Pacifific


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What is the Lunch Seminar?
This event has been organized at the Maison franco-japonaise (Nichifutsu Kaikan) since 2004. It offers a presentation followed by a discussion dedicated to a specific issue of the time and aims to bring about a better understanding of Japanese economy and society.


How is Japan coping with the US-China economic competition, and how has the Japanese government formulated its trade policies and infrastructure investment strategy? The talk will focus on Japan’s geoeconomic strategy in the Indo-Pacific, whose concept has become prominent within Japanese foreign policy since its introduction in the early 2000s. On the one hand, this regional framework has presented distinct opportunities for Japan to shape the regional economic order through enhanced economic connectivity and active rule making. On the other hand, there are looming challenges for Japan to maneuver the delicate balance within the US-China competition.


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