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Objectives of the Training

Developing management skills is no small challenge. Being an impactful manager requires specific training that develops your ability to meet or exceed the organization’s goals and objectives. This includes building and retaining a high-performance team, creating psychological safety by encouraging teamwork and supporting the well-being of members, while also resolving various conflicts that may arise.

This training focuses on the mind-set and techniques required to develop and support people to achieve targets, boost team morale, and constructively solve relational conflicts.

It will also equip you with good communication and feed-back skills to establish trust between you and your subordinate, as well as enhance your subordinate’s abilities.

The training will involve active role-play (only on-site) and discussion.


Training agenda

  • Partnership between subordinates and managers
  • Nutrients for people to develop
  • Perspectives and methods to enhance peoples’ skills
  • How to coach someone effectively and efficiently
  • How to give assertive communication and feedback to inspire creative thinking and support the development of subordinates
  • Solving problems with subordinates.
  • Role-play (where possible)


Discover your exclusive trainer - FUMI consulting

    • More than 10 years of Management experience in the automotive industry with proven results.
    • Project development in Japan and overseas.
    • Program management implementation inside a lean company with immediate results
    • Expertise in organizational psychology, developmental psychology, family psychology, intercultural communication, and various research methods, including statistics and qualitative analysis.
    • Lecturer at universities (Psychology, English, and statistics).
    • Adept in academic and business English.
    • High student satisfaction rating.

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