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MFJ - Airport concession: private management of a public infrastructure

Institut français de recherche sur le Japon à la Maison franco-japonaise, Room 601 3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku,, 150-0013, Tokyo, Japon
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Lunch seminar Maison franco-japonaise (Tokyo)

Kansai Airports manages the 3 airports of the Kansai region (KIX, Itami airport and Kobe airport) since 2016. In Kobe, traffic has grown by 1/3 despite the COVID crisis, while Itami airport has been fully renovated for the delight of its passengers and visitors. Terminal 1 in KIX is now undergoing a complete reorganization of its domestic and international areas, to increase its capacity and commercial functions and be a proud “first pavilion” for the Expo in 2025. How to explain the amounts invested by the private operator and the successful development and management of this critical public infrastructure? Benoit Rulleau, who represents VINCI Airports(*) in this joint venture with ORIX and other Japanese shareholders, will share the secrets of airport concession business.

VINCI Airports is part of VINCI group and operates 72 airports in 13 countries, including London Gatwick, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, Lyon and Belgrade. It is world’s largest private airport operator.

Kansai International Airport = KIX.


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