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MFJ Lunch Seminar - Why Aren't Japanese Women Angrier? Work, Home, and Politics

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The French Chamber is thrilled to announce the next lunch seminar “Why Aren't Japanese Women Angrier? Work, Home, and Politics” of the Maison Franco-Japonaise on Friday, April 17.


Japan has an infamously large gender gap, yet Japanese women seem to display less overt anger than their sisters elsewhere, and in surveys they report higher levels of happiness than Japanese men do. This presentation situates the answer to this puzzle in the intersection of social expectations and the Japanese employment system, which simultaneously represses women, provides stability to their families, and makes women’s lot look better by overworking men. Economic, demographic, and political pressures for change are mounting, but until better alternatives are offered, support for the traditional employment system, with all its rigidity and constraints, is likely to remain surprisingly high.


About the speaker

Gregory W. Noble is a professor of politics and public administration in the Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo.

Among his publications are Collective Action in East Asia: How Ruling Parties Shape Industrial Policy, “Government-Business Relations in Democratizing Asia,” “The Chinese Auto Industry as Challenge, Opportunity and Partner,” “The Decline of Particularism in Japanese Politics,” and “Staffing the [Japanese] State with Women.”

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