Free webinar: Shibumi - 7 Principles of Japanese Aesthetics for Sustainable Leadership

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During this webinar you will learn how to apply authentic Japanese harmony principles to your daily leadership & team management.

Target Participants

Leaders, Training Managers, Team Managers, People Engagement Managers, and HR professionals interested in integrating Western sustainable leadership practices with Eastern cultural principles.

More about this Webinar

Without harmony, growth is not sustainable. What if the leader of tomorrow was a harmonizer?

In a context of constant uncertainty, change, and acceleration, where the aspirations of younger professionals diverge from those of their elders, and where commitment and loyalty to companies are diminishing, now more than ever, leadership must be sustainable.

The risk is team exhaustion, a loss of meaning and creativity that organizations need to stand out.

"Natural elegance" or "effortless efficiency"... How can the Seven Principles of Shibumi, which include simplicity, subtlety, and non-action, be drivers of harmony and sustainable efficiency?

Training Objectives

In this webinar, you will be able to:

- Learn how to apply authentic Japanese harmony principles to your daily leadership and team management;

- Be introduced to Shibumi principles etymology through (virtual) Chinese calligraphy for a deeper understanding;

- Discover examples and tools to immediately put the learning into action (further explored in the in-person workshop).


  • Interactive lecture
  • Virtual Chinese calligraphy
  • Real-life case studies

Our Trainer

Julien Levy works as a coach, speaker, and facilitator dedicated to high-potentials, particularly assisting business leaders and decision-makers in their professional trajectory and strategic decisions for a sustainable leadership.

With nearly 25 years of experience in digital, at the helm of a web agency, startups in the luxury sector, and as "Head of Brand and Digital" for an international group leader in the perfume and aroma sector, Julien supports organizations in their search for purpose through brand strategy, design, and expression of their purpose.

Julien gives lectures/workshops on leadership themes:

  • Shibumi: 7 Principles of Japanese Aesthetics for Sustainable Leadership
  • The keys to Well-Being at Work
  • In Praise of Mistakes: demystify error to turn it into a source of collective progress and innovation
  • Just Pitch It:  or the Art of Persuading in 3 Minutes
  • Think With Your Hands: Supporting teams in developing their vision and strategy with Legos

To join the webinar:

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Passcode: 092657

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