Online Training - Working and Communicating More Effectively with Japanese Colleagues (English)


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Target Participants

Non-Japanese professionals working with Japanese colleagues, customers or partners



-Become more familiar  with  the  Japanese  business  culture

-Become more effective in your  communication  and  work interactions  with  Japanese  colleagues and  customers



Through a mix of discussions, interactive lectures, case studies and role-plays, the participants will learn everything they need to be more effective when working with Japanese colleagues or customers.


Program details

-Facts  about  Japan:  Understand  the  facts  which  have  deeply influenced  Japanese  culture  and  business  world.

-Key  concepts  of  Japanese  culture:  Review  concepts  which  are fundamental  to  understanding  Japanese  business  culture.

-Japanese  business  culture:  Learn  Japanese  business  specificities and  become more efficient  in  your  daily  work.

-Communication  exercises  and  best-practices. Japanese  protocol  and  business  etiquette.


Strong Points

  • "business people training business people", which means your trainer knows the subject from personal experience, as a business person, not just as a trainer; 
  • use experiences and realistic cases drawn from the real business world: you can trust JCO to connect the training to the reality of everyday work; 
  • specialized in Japanese business culture: you will get the depth that comes with specialization.


About the trainer

[Translate to Anglais:] Online Training: Working and communicating effectively with Japanese (English)

Olivier van Beneden is a cross-cultural and communication training specialist, who spent most of his career helping Japanese and non-Japanese colleagues work more efficiently together. 
Olivier has lived and worked in Japan (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) for many years and speaks fluently Japanese. In 2002, he returned back to Europe where he worked for the Japanese company Bridgestone before starting Japan Consulting Office (JCO). JCO focuses exclusively on helping Japanese and non-Japanese work more efficiently together and has several offices in Europe, Japan and USA. JCO's work has been recognized by many clients, and its practical and interactive training approach has earned them supplier awards, including the “highest appreciated training institute” from a Japanese company.

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