Onsite Training: The Art of Creating a Lasting Impression Through Storytelling

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Date limite d'inscription : mardi 25 juin 2024 - 17h00 (UTC+9)

Tarif : CCIFJ Member 29.000 JPY (excluding VAT)
Non-Member 39.000 JPY (excluding VAT)

For cancellation made one week before the training, we would ask you to send a substitute, otherwise we will apply a 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellations made on the previous day and the day of the seminar will be fully charged.
CCIFJ is reserving the right to cancel or shift to another appropriate date if the minimum number of registrants is not satisfied.

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During this training you will learn from Dale Carnegie how to speak to make a good impression and connect with your audience through storytelling.

Mastering Engaging Communication with Dale Carnegie: The Art of Creating a Lasting Impression Through Storytelling

Date: June 26, 2024 (Thursday) | Time: 14:00-17:30

Becoming a Warm and Engaging Communicator

  • Presentation
  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence

In the realm of business, there are individuals who always radiate charm and vitality, naturally drawing others towards them. The essence of personality isn't defined by appearances or education. What instantly garners trust from others and exudes an enchanting aura, drawing people in, is our inner strength. This innate ability can be polished, and the skills to move people can be acquired through training. With dedicated effort, these qualities can undoubtedly be cultivated. In this session, leveraging Dale Carnegie's proven methods spanning a century, participants will acquire techniques to captivate their audience's hearts.

Course Overview

Dale Carnegie Training minimizes traditional lectures, emphasizing engaging activities and discussions that boost motivation and positivity. Participants will experience a transformative journey beyond their comfort zones, resulting in increased confidence and enhanced performance.

Led by passionate and professional trainers, participants will receive immediate feedback, ensuring their growth throughout the session. By focusing on the other person, practicing self-reflection, and embracing insights from classmates, participants will evolve their behaviors and habits, leading to tangible changes in themselves and their surroundings.

Expected Outcomes

  • Participants will reassess their communication methods, learning effective self-introductions for building positive first impressions and gaining insights from various Dale Carnegie activities to improve future communication.
  • Have you ever been told you talk too much? It's said that people's attention spans last only 90 seconds to 2 minutes. In this event, you'll gain tips to convey what your listener wants concisely.
  • Learn the art of pleasant conversation through participatory outputs. Discover the keys to persuasive communication that doesn't come off as pushy or boastful yet encourages desired actions, introducing Dale Carnegie's Magic Formula.
  • By focusing on one's strengths and expressing gratitude for oneself and others, participants will build confidence and foster positive communication with others.
  • Beyond mere communication training, commit to taking a powerful step towards self-realization, clearly defining your vision.

Target Audience

  • Those interested in learning Dale Carnegie's communication techniques.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their communication skills.
  • Those intrigued by Dale Carnegie Training.

About the Facilitator: Chizu Sasaki, Dale Carnegie Training Certified Trainer, and Client Success & Happiness Director, is known for creating an atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves. With a warm demeanor, she facilitates insightful discussions, providing courage and enlightenment to participants. Her podcast, "ビジネス達人の教え," ranked number one in the management segment, offering listeners reassurance and courage.

Training Expertise: Human skills, communication skills, leadership, stress management, manager training, new employee training, well-being, sales, time management, among others.

Client Portfolio: Manufacturing (food, components), finance & insurance, transportation & communication, luxury retail, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, apparel, government agencies, chambers of commerce, software, environmental & energy, services (hotels), cosmetics, asset management, and more.

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