Open Webinar: Harnessing Organizational Psychology for Diversity & Inclusion

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Discover organizational psychology concept to unlock the secrets of organizational success during our free transformative webinar.

Webinar topic:

Understanding how human mind works is critical for organizations to achieve sustainable growth.

Adopting a human-centric approach is imperative considering that employees are the important contributors to profitability, company growth, and the enhancement of value in communities. It is essential to establish an inclusive environment where all employees feel comfortable collaborating and can perform to their full potential.

Unlock the secrets of organizational success with our transformative and inter-learning 60-minute webinar. We will briefly explore the historical evolution of industrial/organizational psychology and cultural psychology, delving into practical applications in today's dynamic workplaces.

  1. Organizational Psychology: Discover how insights into human psychology can enhance motivation, team communication, leadership, and team/organizational performance. Participants will be expected to openly share experience and lessons-learned.
  2. Cultural psychology is gaining more attention in diverse world as our minds and cultures are closely intertwined. We will demonstrate how culture shapes human mind and behaviors, and address related challenges such as intercultural conflicts. Participants will be expected to openly share experience and lessons-learned.
  3. Finally, you will participate in the “Diversity Perspectives Exchange.” Participants will be expected to share your experiences and collaborate with other participants to generate innovative ideas for overcoming obstacles, encouraging mutual support and learning among employees. This reinforces insights for high-performance teamwork towards shared goals.

If you are interested in human psychology or would like to exchange ideas openly with other participants, please feel free to join us!

Online webinar:

This webinar will use Google Jamboard for interactive participation in some activities. To join the webinar please use the following Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 871 9501 4600
Passcode: 888907

Trainer & Presenter:

Makiko AUBIN-KURAMOTO, Founder of FUMI Consulting

  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Expertise in organizational psychology, cultural psychology & intercultural communication
  • Trainer & Coach
  • Lecturer at Keio University & Aoyama Gakuin University

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