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Réunion Sectorielle du Kansai n°2 - Transformation Digitale : jikan no setsuyaku

Dojima Avanza
1 Chome-6-20 Dojima, Kita-ku

Langue : Anglais

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Gratuit !

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Seconde réunion sectorielle du Kansai sur le gain de temps par la Digitalisation, avec Marion Baillat, représentante au Japon de 42 Interactive

Réunion Sectorielle n°2 : Digital Transformation


Seconde réunion sectorielle du Kansai sur le gain de temps par la Digitalisation, avec Marion Baillat, représentante au Japon de 42 Interactive.



18:00 - Entrée
18:15 - Début de l'intervention
19:00 - Q&A
19:30 - Cocktail convivial, échange et discussion libre

Marion is a highly skilled production manager who has brought major digital projects to life over the last 15 years. Working with top brands like Electronic Arts, Samsung, Lendlease, and Audi, she's earned recognition for her exceptional work.
Her passion lies at the intersection of optical engineering, software applications, and business process management, making her an expert in how technology can drive innovation in the connected world. As an active blogger and published author, she's a well-respected voice in the digital creative community.
In addition to her professional achievements, Marion is also dedicated to giving back. As a proud mentor of the MQ University robotics team, she is inspiring the next generation of tech leaders and helping to shape the future of the industry.

Born in Lyon, Marion immigrated to Australia in her mid 20’s. After 18 years in Sydney and married to a Japanese, Marion is now establishing a presence for 42 interactive in Kyoto.

42 interactive is an award-winning digital transformation agency building world firsts through the creative use of technology. The team design and develop products and services that solve real-world problems to help businesses be more efficient and future ready.
42 interactive can provide our clients with digital strategy, design, and development (website, mobile apps, and platform builds, XR /Data platforms, new technologies), Quality Assurance, Project Management, Marketing, and Social Media services.

Marion is a dedicated experienced producer in Kyoto that can help guiding through companies with their digital needs.



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Bureau Kansai de la CCIFJ (6F)


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