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The Ryokan Experience: a Key to Understanding Luxury in Japan

Date limite d'inscription :
Vendredi 5 Juillet 2019 - 17H00

Tarif :
Free (pre-registration is mandatory)
(lunch and drinks included)


The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan is glad to invite you to the event "The Ryokan Experience: a Key to Understanding Luxury in Japan" organized with the Ryokan Collection on Wednesday, July 10.

Ryokans (Japanese traditional inns) are an institution in Japan, the epitome of refinement and customer service. But their codes are sometimes hard to crack for foreigners.

Dive into the world of luxury ryokans as you hear independent owners talk about their passion for hospitality, what keeps their customers coming back and how they keep the tradition alive. Learn how family-owned ryokans are helping revive the economy of Japanese regions, building on local businesses and attracting more and more international discerning customers beyond Tokyo for a true unique experience.

This event is free, includes lunch and drinks, and a chance to win a stay in a luxury ryokan.


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