Training - Fundamental of finance (Japanese)

Langue : Japanese

Tarif :
CCIFJ Members: 25 000 JPY (tax excluded)
Non Members: 35 000 JPY (tax excluded)

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  • Any professional who wishes to understand the fundamentals of finance and accounting.
  • Anyone who would like to overcome difficulties in understanding financial and accounting documents.



  • Understand what “Financial statements” are and why they are necessary for a company.
  • Learn the basics of 3 principal documents in finance:  “Profit and Loss Statement (P/L)”, “Balance Sheet (B/S)” and “Cash Flow Statement (C/S)”.
  • Lead a strong strategy in your department by understanding finance and accounting statements.



  • What are financial statements?
  • How to read “Profit and Loss Statement (P/L)”, “Balance Sheet (B/S)” and “Cash Flow Statement (C/S)”
  • How to analyse those documents
  • Case Studies



  • Lecture by a certified public accountant who has many international/French companies as clients.
  • A seminar designed for people from other departments than Accounting/Finance, easy to understand even with no prior knowledge.
  • Learn the basics of finance efficiently through a good mixture of lectures and practical exercises.



Kazushige IGUCHI

Kazushige Iguchi is a certified public accountant , a tax consultant and co-founder of IAL. He used to teach accounting at TAC (Accounting school) before joining the French desk at KPMG Japan.

Kazushige Iguchi specializes in auditing public companies and their world branches, (accounting / internal control) auditing・reporting, IPO support, IFRS conversion…

Founded Iguchi Accounting / Tax Office in July 2011.


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