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Webinar : Japan Transfer Pricing Update

Online (ZOOM),

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Tarif : ≫ JPY 2,000 for members of the French Chamber and Paris Club.
≫ JPY 4,000 for non-members

*Please pay online via this page before the event.

*Any cancellation after the deadline or no-show will be charged.
*Non-members and online participants (members and non-members) are required to pay online before the event. Thank you for your understanding.


L'événement est terminé.

PwC Tax Japan

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan is glad to announce the Tand Regulations Committee Webinar.

Please come and hear from Daisuke Miyajima and Goro Mizushima from PwC Tax Japan, about Japan Transfer Pricing Update.


The online seminar is aimed at Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies, who need a refresher on the Japan transfer pricing landscape with a particular focus on the following topics:


•  Overview of the Japanese transfer pricing legislation relating to the Japanese operation of foreign companies.

•  Growing importance of Local File preparation and submission - actions to be taken by Japanese subsidiaries. 

•  Recent transfer pricing audit environment and its impact on foreign companies.

•  Update on Mutual Agreement Procedures including Advance Pricing Agreements between France and Japan.


As COVID-19 continues to change the global landscape, this seminar will help foreign companies to stay up to date on how this can impact their transfer pricing results and ways to mitigate any potential downsides in Japan.

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