(WEBINAR) MFJ Lunch Seminar - Japanese Economy and Society : Friday 4 March 2022


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The Autonomy of Universities and Keynes : The Question of Women's Degrees

The younger Keynes was a radical rebel against Victorian virtues, while the older Keynes became more conservative.

The former valued aesthetic contemplation, love, and friendship highly, while the latter came to suit with secular values, a public sense of responsibility and some types of tradition.

In 1920 Keynes turned 37, neither a young don nor old. The University problem, especially the specific topic of women’s degrees, involved both private matters and the public sphere.

In this speech I’d like to shed light on the practical side of the economist Keynes (1883-1946) and draw three lessons. First, the relationship between gender bias and education.

Secondly, the fundamental question of what a university has been.

Thirdly, the contemporary significance of Keynes’s economic thought itself.


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