Jérôme ChouchanCEO Godiva Japan, South Korea, Australia/ New Zealand and Manufacture Belge de Chocolats

Mr. Chouchan has more than 25 years’ experience of luxury brand management in international markets, and more particularly in Japan and Asia.  He is currently CEO of Godiva Japan since June 2010, and manages the markets of Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Manufacture Belge de Chocolats.

Since he joined, the Japan business tripled its size in 7 years, through successful launching of innovative products, creative marketing strategy, and a multi-channel distribution strategy that cater various consumer needs.  
He was Managing Director for Japan and Asia, for Lladro, the famous Spanish porcelain brand.  During his term, the Lladro Japan business had grown over 40 % and he had successfully launched unique dolls products such as Hina Ninghyo and Waka Musha that have delighted Japanese consumers.

Previously, he was in France for the L.V.M.H Group, as Business Development Director of Hennessy (Cognac) with the responsibility of both the Japanese Business Unit and the Hennessy Training & Promotion Division.  Before entering LVMH, he joined the Lacoste Group (clothing brand) and held in 1999 the position of North Asia Regional Director, based in Tokyo.  In his earlier career, he initiated also the startup of brand business in Asia and Japan, for the French High Jewelry brand "Mellerio dits Meller" and the French Government Mint "Monnaie de Paris".


Fluent in Japanese, he is one of the few foreign trustees of the renowned Keizai Doyukai (Japanese Association of Corporate Executives). He is also presently a Board Director of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and French Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


His book “Target” has been widely praised in Japan since its publication in February 2016. It was published in English in April 2018. “Target” is a unique approach to management and leadership, taking inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Japanese martial art of Kyudo- The Way of the Bow. It is also translated in French in 2019. In 2019, his second book “Hataraku  koto wo Tanoshimou – Let’s change and transform together” which tells new approach of working way, was published.

He is currently a Board Director of the Kyudo International Federation and holds a Kyudo Renshi (Instructor license) and a 5th Dan degree.


Mr. Chouchan, has a Master in Management from the French Leading Business School: HEC Paris.

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