Laurent DepusMember of the Board, SMBC Trust Bank Ambassador, FINCITY.TOKYO

Laurent Depus, FinCity.Tokyo Ambassador, began his banking career in 1987 at The Chase Manhattan Bank in Luxembourg before moving to Tokyo in 1988 and London in 1995.

He returned to Japan to join Societe Generale in 2001 and served in various roles, including COO of Corporate Investment Banking Japan, President & CEO of Societe Generale Securities North Pacific Japan, President & CEO of Societe Generale Private Banking Japan Ltd. and Chief Country Officer, Societe Generale Group Japan. 

In 2013, he joined SMBC Trust Bank as Chairman and Director upon the acquisition by SMBC of the Societe Generale Trust Banking license. He has served as a Director of the Board at SMBC Trust Bank since  its establishment. From late 2014 until October 2021 he served as Natixis Senior Country Manager for Japan, President & Representative Director of Natixis Japan Securities Co., Ltd. and member of the Executive Committee of Natixis CIB Asia Pacific. He is the Representative Director of Escapade Japan Co. Ltd. supporting financial institutions on governance and organizational matters.

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