Yuki ISOGAILead / PwC Japan Sustainability Center of Excellence

Since 2003, Yuki Isogai has been involved in private sector development in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, promoting investment by Japanese companies in private companies and government organizations. Before joining PwC, she was a private sector development specialist at the World Bank. As a lead of PwC Japan’s Sustainability Center of Excellence, she is responsible for supporting clients in developing their sustainability vision and strategy, promoting sustainable business transformation, building sustainability risk management systems, and addressing social issues in developing countries. She was also an expert in the Study Group on Impact Investing, co-sponsored by the Financial Services Agency and the GSG Domestic Advisory Board.

Yuki Isogai and Toshiya Banno co-authored the books ”The Era of SX (Sustainability Transformation)“ (April 2021)、and “SX Strategy for 2030” (April 2022) published by Nikkei BP.

Yuki Isogai holds a Bachelors degree in Literature and a Masters degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from the University of Tokyo.


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