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A new Paraboot Store to open in April in Marunouchi

A new Paraboot Store to open in April in Marunouchi

"Paraboot Marunouchi Store" will open on April 15, 2022 in Marunouchi Nakadori (Nijubashi Square), in Tokyo.

The world's leading shoe brands (John Lobb, J.M. Weston,) are located near Nijubashi Square on Marunouchi Naka-dori, which runs north-south alongside the Imperial Palace. With the opening of the "Paraboot Marunouchi Store" in that area, high-end shoes will be upgraded in a row near Nijubashi Square.

The Paraboot Marunouchi store is the largest Paraboot store in Tokyo with 120 types of men's and women's collections. 
They also have a full lineup of shoe care products and small leather goods. They will respond to their customers with a sufficient menu for repairs and shoe care.

The interior is the "history" and "present" of Paraboot, which combines the traditional warm atmosphere of the leather walls of the Paris Saint-Germain store with the modern atmosphere of the white and light of the Saint-Honore store. 
The basic concept is a reconstructed design. In addition, the shoebox of "Paraboot Green", which is the brand's identity color, is placed in the store like a library, and you can see the "future" shop style where staff come and go on the ladder.

The furniture in the store was also handcrafted for Paraboot by craftsmen in a small furniture workshop near the Grenoble headquarters factory in Paraboot. Horse bandages (leather taping wrapped around the shins) are applied to the legs that support the body of the tough Wenge material, leaving details that make you feel the history as a horse riding boots maker.
All of these pieces of furniture were imported in 2001 when the first Japanese paraboot store opened. After the renewal, these pieces of furniture were kept in a warehouse for a long time as an archive.

It is also an important mission of Paraboot to create a new store from a sustainable perspective and convey the meaning of "sustainable" and "continuing forever" to society.

The Paraboot Marunouchi store will be a place to express the "history", "present" and "future" of the past 113 years, and will convey to customers the future of the shop and the value of shoes.

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