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AeroEdge won the Supplier Performance Award from Safran Aircraft Engines

AeroEdge won the Supplier Performance Award from Safran Aircraft Engines

AeroEdge Co., Ltd, which is located in Ashikaga City, Tochigi, is honored to announce that they have received a 2022 Supplier Performance Award from Safran Aircraft Engines.

They are the first Japanese winner from machining field. Ceremony and party were held on Aug 30th to celebrate their achievement.

Safran Aircraft Engines (Safran AE) is one of the largest aircraft engine manufacturers such as the LEAP engines, and AeroEdge had signed the agreement for long-term supplying of turbine blades made from Titanium Aluminide material.

This year, the Supplier Performance Award was given to only the five companies among all Safran AE’s suppliers in the world, recognized its excellence in all areas relating to support for production deliveries, such as quality and on-time delivery through a year.

They are the first Japanese company who won the award in the field of machining. It was an unexceptional achievement that a young company, only the 7 years has passed since the establishment, won the award. As the result of their commitment to the quality, cost, and delivery, highly regarded their capabilities for technical development and suggestion led to the award.

The ceremony and party were held at COCO FARM&WINERY (located in Ashikaga City, Tochigi) on Aug 30th. Lots of their partners from Safran AE, such as Senior Vice Presidents came from France and participated in the party. The Governor of Tochigi Pref., the Mayor of Ashikaga City, the director of Aircraft Component and Material Industries Office in METI (Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), the Representative Director and CEO from Peach Aviation Limited, and the Chief Executive Officer from Sendai International Airport. Co., Ltd., are also participated to celebrate their achievement.

“We started this journey in 2013. We were looking for partners who were able to machine this critical material, which is complex and difficult to be machined. When I looked everywhere, one guy in AeroEdge helped us to machine and to deliver this part. Last time I was in your plant in 2016, the plant was not completely finished for mass production because it was the beginning of the plant. It was a big success and I’m very pleased to be with you today, and to have been here in the beginning of the story. I’m quite sure it is not finished and you will be part of new journey we are launching for new engines.” Said Mr. Claude QUILLIEN, Senior Vice President from Safran AE


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