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Air France KLM Japan Summer Schedule 2022

Air France KLM Japan Summer Schedule 2022

In order to support travelers on all their journeys, this summer Air France-KLM will continue to offer flights from our 3 Japanese Tokyo, Narita and Kansai. Over the coming months they expect to review their schedule, taking into account the health and travel situations. Please refer to their website for the latest information.

Summer 2022 March 27th –May 29th Schedule subject to change

NRT-CDG  AF275 10:35 16:15 (Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun)
DG-NRT  AF276 13:25 08:55 (next day) (Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri-Sat)

HND-CDG  AF293 22:55 04:35 (next day) (Wed-Fri-Sun)
CDG-HND  AF274 23:25 18:30 (next day) (Tue-Thu-Sat)

KIX-CDG  AF291 10:35 15:55 (Mon-Thu-Sat)
CDG-KIX  AF292 14:10 08:50 (next day) (Wed-Fri-Sun)

NRT-AMS  KL862 10:25 15:05 (MON-WED-THU-FRI-SAT)
AMS-NRT  KL861 14:40 08:40(next day) (TUE- WED-THU-FRI- SUN)

KIX-AMS   KL868 10:25 15:00 (WED- SAT)
AMS-KIX   KL86714:45 08:50(next day) (MON- THU)

This flight schedule is subject to change depending on travel restrictions. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Air France-KLM has been adjusting its services in real time, taking the changing health situation into account.
Before travelling, they advise you to check the travel restrictions and the documents required on arrival at destination/transit points. They provide reference on their websites and

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