Bilans d’évènement

Being at the forefront of leading innovation thanks to Design Thinking


On Thursday, March 14, the Design Thinking committee of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan welcomed Kevyn Yong for a seminar entitled “Design Thinking Masterclass with Kevyn Yong”

Kevyn Yong, Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean of Corporate Programs at ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific, started a conversation about innovation. He introduced 4 companies of different origins and industries: from phones to entertainment and cloud software. All of them had different business model, but all deployed design thinking to tackle challenges. What made them successful and innovative were analysed with the participation of the full audience.

Although it is the aim of many companies, finding breakthrough innovations such as a new technology never seen or more advanced than ever is actually rare. Innovation should be driven by understanding the needs of customers and knowing how to answer to it. A new business model can be as innovative or even more than the product itself and that’s where design thinking is set in motion.

The seminar was followed by a networking buffet to allow Kevyn Yong and the public to continue and further their discussions.

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