EBC: 2024 White Paper launch event

EBC: 2024 White Paper launch event

The EBC will launch its 2024 White Paper on 29 February at the EU Delegation.

The White Paper, the cornerstone product of the EBC, is a meticulous compilation of the challenges faced by its members. It is regularly updated and available on the EBC website, ensuring that stakeholders are kept abreast of the latest developments.

The event promises valuable insights from five distinguished industry representatives Legal services, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food & Agriculture, Sustainability and Materials. This is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from experts not only about the challenges facing European industry in Japan, but also about the recommendations proposed to address these issues. The White Paper serves as a powerful advocacy tool to influence improvements in the Japanese regulatory framework.

Interesting in joining the EBC Committees:

The European Business Council (EBC) has 22 committees devoted to improving the business environment for European companies in different sectors.

By becoming a member of a committee, you will be able to:

  • Discuss regulatory developments and issues of common concern;
  • Visit Japanese government officials, write position papers and engage in media campaigns, when necessary;
  • Provide briefings on the current state of your specific business sector for visiting European Commission officials and various European industry representatives;
  • Give presentations to governmental bodies and political parties upon request;
  • Contribute one chapter to the annual White Paper;
  • Exchange sector-specific information;

and many other opportunities!

To register, please email: ebc(@)


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