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Echo Systeme Agency, retail excellence etiquette

Echo Systeme Agency, retail excellence etiquette

A leading international company specialized in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) strategies designed for self-development, retail excellence and business performance.

Echo Systeme Agency was established in 2018 as an extension of the CEO Anne Flogny’s passion for retail excellence and behavior process models.

Echo Systeme Agency mission is to support individuals to get a deeper understanding of how our brains work and apply it to your self-development, mindfulness, and performance.

“I started this company because I believe that etiquette is naturally embedded in our lives as socially conscious creatures. Etiquette is all about respect, tradition, and cultural understanding. NLP programs and practices help to keep our society together and to understand each other, more than ever in today’s global setting we need to understand how our mind works to be able to guide it to our objectives, either changing part in our lives, feeling more self-confident, being more efficient at work or getting more results. NLP practices in small groups with role-play approach is the way to integrate this powerful tool for ourselves and to demonstrate it effectively,” Anne says.

“Goodwill and connecting our conscious with our unconscious mind are the keys to accompany change within ourselves for a more sustainable and abundant society.”

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