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Eighty Days Japan

Eighty Days

Eighty Days is an accredited Yunus Social Business Company and Tokyo-based DMC founded in 2016. We aim to bolster the local economies of rural areas, protect and rejuvenate traditional cultures that are in danger of being lost, and bring overseas visitors to parts of Japan that we believe deserve more attention and appreciation than they’re currently receiving. We specialize in providing high-end FIT, MICE, and group tours, where we aim to connect adventurous visitors with local people eager to share their passion for their areas.

Our services:

- Custom tours and experiences - we cover a wide range of customers from FIT to MICE and educational tours, as well as cover all 47 prefectures in Japan.
- Tour Guides - we provide local and experienced tour guides across the country.
- Reservations and Logistical Services - we provide assistance with reservations for accommodation, transfers, and other bookings.
- We offer unique Online Live Experiences - Immersive introductions to local areas and cultural activities in Japan through online live seminars



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