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EMBALL'ISO launches business in Japan

EMBALL'ISO launches business in Japan

EMBALL'ISO, a French manufacturer of environment friendly temperature controlled packaging boxes for medical and pharmaceutical products, launches business in Japan.

EMBALL'ISO headquarters is located near Lyon, second largest city in France. Lyon is known as the "city of good food", but it is also an industrial cluster of chemical, medical and automotive industries. Founded in 1990, EMBALL'ISO has been researching, developing, manufacturing and selling insulated packaging boxes and high performance coolants used in cold chains for more than 30 years. The company currently has local subsidiaries in seven countries: the United States, UK, Brazil, India, Singapore, China, and Japan, and has approximately 220 employees worldwide with eight service centers over the 4 continents. In addition, our services are used in the transportation of Corona vaccines and we have gained high trust from customers around the world.

EMBALL'ISO products and services are mainly used in medical and pharmaceutical transportation, and the company offers a wide range of products in order to meet the diverse needs of customers, such as large capacity and long distance temperature controllable Pallet Shippers for an international transportation VYPE and ISOGO for mid term transportation and Isothermal bag for the last one mile delivery. For the customer's convenience, we provide a Ready To Use service with a packing box containing coolants adjusted to customer's desired temperature which is delivered at the required date and time, just leaving customers to pack with their products. Also, we offer are use service that collects cleans, and repairs packing boxes and coolants after transportation. EMBALL'ISO's global network enable to collect boxes after transportation from more than 80 countries around the world, and as a pioneer in reverse logistics services, we have made a significant contribution to CO2 reduction in consideration of recent environmental issues. By collecting and reusing the isothermal packaging, we can reduce by more than 90% of CO2 emission during the lifecycle of the product. In Japan we plan to provide the wide range of EMBALL'ISO products covering from large capacity transportation to small size delivery together with the Ready To Use service, and establish a service center that can recycle packing boxes to start a re use service utilizing EMBALL`ISO's know how in this field for more than 30 years.

NEWS : Shuji Hotta was appointed as country manager and will launch a business in Japan

"Japan has been part of our development strategy for many years and we do have some customers in Japan for a long time. But 2021 will mark a turning point in our development in this market. We invest in Japan in a long term strategy with the support of the French public investment bank. Setting up a permanent presence in Japan is a guarantee for us to be as close as possible to our customers, to listen to their needs and to be able to support them in their development. We are happy that Shuji comes on board to develop our turnover in Japan.", said Pierre CASOLI, CEO

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