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KYOTO Rising Phoenix Project 

KYOTO Rising Phoenix Project 

Sky Art has been engaged in projects to produce new value, a fusion of Kyoto’s leading-edge technology and tradition represented by creating First Class Seat for the Aerospace Industry in 2015.

The new project was launched for Kakunoshin Ohta, the representative racing driver of Kyoto, they support for many years. They planned and created the World’s First Design of Gorgeous and Refined Helmet using Japanese traditional craft technology (gold leaf stamping technology).

On completion of this helmet, Daisaku Kadokawa, mayor of Kyoto city dedicated it to Kakunoshin Ohta on March 29. This year is his last racing season as a student, they can’t wait to see him run through racing circuit like wings of the wind as phoenix is believed in ancient 「god of wind」, and firmly convicted the helmet will lead him to victory.

SKY ART will continuously engage in projects to create new value by fusion of leading-edge technology and tradition.

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