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"Learning From The Failures Of Successful Women": an event by Sasuga Communications

Learning From The Failures Of Successful Women an event by Sasuga Communications

In Japanese, we say, “Shippai wa seiko no moto” (we learn from our mistakes). 

Our failures often come with embarrassment, shame, or pain that most of us would prefer to avoid, right?
Well, what if you could learn valuable lessons for women in business without those unpleasant feelings?
What if you could gain insights and inspiration just from listening to other women’s setbacks?

Sasuga Communications K. K. is hosting the third event of The #LessEffortMoreImpact for Women In Business " at l’Espace on Saturday, September 30 for women in business in the Tokyo area.

"Learning From The Failures Of Successful Women" is a Roundtable where three fabulous women will courageously reveal how they messed up in their careers including

⭐️ “I thought I would never recover (but I did)”

⭐️ “It turned out to be a good thing”

⭐️“Now I look back, it’s hilarious”

You can ask questions, share your stories, and enjoy small-group conversations with other women in the room, so that everyone can be involved and feel inspired.

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