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Meitetsu kyosho Co., Ltd.

Meitetsu kyosho Co., Ltd.

Since our founding in 1971, we have developed a wide range of businesses such as product sales, car leasing, parking, real estate, restaurants, recycling and energy conservation, and car sharing. We are currently providing services in various regions such as Chubu, Kanto, and Kansai regions by utilizing the know-how accumulated through our extensive business experience. In July 2021, we will open a new French bakery called "Gontran Cherrier" in Aoyama, Tokyo.

【Major events in recent years】

・Opening of their first parking lot in Tokyo 
・Opening of their Kanto Branch Office

・They started bicycle-sharing called “cariteco bike”   
・They got an ESG management support loan as the first unlisted company
・They executed a domestic exclusive FC agreement with Gontran Cherrier International Limited
・They executed a partnership agreement with Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. and Umamill, Corp. as support food export business
・They received and order for operations of vending machines and concession at Aichi Sky Expo.

・Opening: a parking lot of Tokyo Medical University Hospital. (April)
・Opening: a flagship store of Gontran Cherrier in Japan is “TokyoAoyama store

Their activities:

- Product sales (Handling: Construction, Vending machines, Office Supplies, Hotel Supplies, Recycling and Energy Saving Products, Tires, Finance, Food)
- Store operations
- Mobility business (car leasing, car sharing, bicycle sharing, insurance)
- Parking lot business
- Real estate business
- IT system development and sales 

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