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A 20% discount (for a minimum of ¥ 5,000 purchase) at any of the participating locations

Exclusive Privileges 

for members of the CCI France Japon 
and of the CCI France International only 


Description of the Privilege

Customers receive a 20% discount (for a minimum of ¥ 5,000 purchase) at any of the participating locations.*


About mod's hair

mod’s hair, which started in 1968 as a Parisian hair & make-up team specialized in fashion shows and magazines, will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. In Japan, where the first store opened in「La Forêt Harajuku」in 1978, the brand will be 40-years-old.

"mod's hair" began as a team of hair designers specialized in fashion magazines. The company was born in the world of hair fashion, so it seemed logical that the name of the brand reflect its origins: “mod’s hair”, from the French "mode", meaning “fashion”.

At the time of mod’s hair’s inception, photographs published in a fashion magazine –  and giving credit to mod's hair for their work – subsequently gave rise to a wave of questions from readers who asked where they could get the same hairstyle they had seen in pictures. To respond to the sudden demand from women everywhere – women wanting a studio-fashioned hairstyle – they opened their first hair salon. The rest, as they say, is History!

Currently implanted around the world, mainly in Europe and Asia, including Japan, mod’s hair, and the exclusive hairstyles it creates in Paris, continues to thrive. In Japan, the Parisian techniques have been successfully adapted to match the specific nature of Japanese hair.


mod's hair techniques

Apart from regulatory national licenses, mod’s hair stylists across the country must not only obtain the coveted “mod’s hair Diploma”, but also master each seasonal technique during a full-day lecture at the "mod’s hair Academy", the company’s official educational facility.

Twice a year, Paris shares its newest and trendiest hairstyle during the spring/summer and fall/winter collection announcements, and through the mod’s hair technique DVD and exclusive development charts. Customers can then choose a style that best suits their hair and the clothes they wear. All mod’s hair stylists are equipped with the same knowledge, and will therefore be equally capable of giving their customers what they request.


mod’s hair’s exclusive haircuts make hair feel and look alive, healthy, and, most importantly, naturally designed to fit your everyday and your lifestyle.


mod’s hair’s unique “balayage” (“sweeping with a broom” in French) technique gives the hair a three-dimensional feel, and truly helps reveal the subtle nuances in each customer’s hair.


A combination of "mise en plis" (“styling”) and "forme" (“shape”), mod’s hair’s “mise en forme” technique makes a smooth, silky flow of your hair.

A mod's hair salon exclusive products

"mod’s hair salon special" are a series of products specially designed and developed by mod’s hair stylists to ensure customers can reproduce their mod’s hair style at home. Like a doctor who hands out a prescription to his patient, mod’s hair offers advice on which product will help improve the quality of your specific hair.

*【participating locations】

mod’s hair Aoyama Privilege - 03-3478-0131
mod’s hair Ginza - 03-3564-4848
mod’s hair Shinjuku South - 03-3351-5585
mod’s hair Ikebukuro - 03-5911-4733
mod’s hair Meguro - 03-5437-3335
mod’s hair Futako Tamagawa - 03-3707-1185
mod’s hair Komazawa - 03-6450-8421
mod’s hair Kichijoji - 0422-23-4466
mod’s hair MEN Nakano - 03-6382-4331
mod’s hair Yokohama west exit - 045-314-0343
mod’s hair Minatomirai - 045-232-4141
mod’s hair Kamioka - 045-847-6707
mod’s hair Kyoto - 075-241-3111
mod’s hair Takamatsu Kawaramachi - 087-812-7704

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