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Participate in the International Business Barometer

Participate in the International Business Barometer

In partnership with France's Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE), CCIFI is launching the first edition of the International Business Barometer

This barometer is intended for :

  • French companies established abroad (subsidiary)
  • French entrepreneurs abroad
  • to local businesses 

The aim of this barometer is to provide an overview of international markets and to generate useful information and opportunities for member companies of the CCI France International (French Chambers of Commerce Abroad) network .

Thank you very much in advance for your participation in the construction of this photograph of international economic activity during this very special period. We would be grateful if you could answer our survey before October 3.

NB : As this barometer is the subject of joint work between CCE and CCI FI, it is possible that this message will be sent to you twice. We thank you for answering the questionnaire only once.

Deadline: 29 September 2020



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