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People Analytics: Big Data is HR’s next frontier

The second HR Committee of 2019 on 18th July dealt with the subject of big data and its applications in human resources. 30 participants from a wide range of companies listened as Peter Romero, People Analytics Lead at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre of the University of Cambridge, UK, talked them through why and how HR needed to become “quantitative”. By using numerous examples and documented thought-provoking figures (e.g. 82% of managers are misplaced, 13% of employees are engaged), Peter explained in particular how People Analytics can help organizations make better leader selections and raise any alarm bells early on as to which profiles might be unfit for the role. Peter also gave tips as to how even smaller companies can kick-start People Analytics using off-the-shelf tools.

Adding to the many applications of People Analytics, Fabien Roudier, Senior Manager at Institution for a Global Society Corporation (IGS), explained how its application GROW360 uses data analysis and machine learning in optimizing recruitment processes. Again, using the example of a large Japanese corporation, Fabien showed how to remove selection bias and make sure the best candidates are selected based on their soft skills assessment and on continuously improving predictive models of who will be a top-performer.

The CCI France Japon wishes to thank the speakers, participants and president of the HR Committee, Grégory Dancs, for a successful and very informative session.

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