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Revisiting French Business Awards 2023 and Shinnenkai

The CCI France Japon held the 12th edition of its French Business Award on Thursday, January 26th, 2023 at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

This year, 13 companies of various industries and sectors were in competition for 5 awards, which showcase and reward the efforts and successes of companies in Japan.

The CCI France Japon is pleased to announce the results of this competition. 


The CCI France Japon is pleased to announce the results of this competition. The 2023 laureates are:


Exotec Nihon Co., Ltd (“Company of the Year” Award),

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (“Product or Service of the Year” Award),

Elephantech Inc (“French Tech Tokyo” Award),

Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd. (“Sustainability Award”),

Sanofi K.K.  (“Special Jury Award”)


The jury was composed of the Chairman of the CCI France Japon, and French and Japanese business leaders.

They selected among the nominees the most dynamic, innovative, and performing companies with grounded success in the Japanese market.

All 14 companies were a testimony of the diversity, strength, and polyvalence of French and Japanese businesses.

Highly diverse industries were showcased this year.



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