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Saint-Gobain's Architecture Student Contest: Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow

Saint-Gobain's Architecture Student Contest: Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Architecture Student Contest, initiated by Saint-Gobain Isover in Serbia in 2004, has evolved into a prestigious international competition since its inception in 2005. Rooted in Saint-Gobain's vision of sustainable buildings, this contest serves as a unique platform for aspiring architects to delve into the realm of sustainable construction. With over 1,300 students participating from 30 countries, it has become a global stage where creativity and innovation converge to shape the future of architecture.

Unveiling the Opportunity:

Participating in the Architecture Student Contest is not just a chance to showcase design prowess but also an opportunity to garner international exposure. The allure of a substantial €11,500 prize further sweetens the deal. This competition is not merely about winning; it's about gaining invaluable professional experience and contributing to the paradigm shift towards sustainable architecture.

A Focus on Sustainability:

At the heart of the Architecture Student Contest lies the core objective of promoting sustainability. Participants are tasked with developing projects that prioritize the well-being of both people and the planet. The emphasis is on creating buildings that are highly energy-efficient, low-carbon, and provide a comfortable environment for occupants. This focus on sustainability aligns with modern construction practices that seek to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and resource utilization.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

► The registration deadline is set for March 29th, 2024



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