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Soirée Crêpes au Kansai pour la Chandeleur

Soirée Crêpes au Kansai

Today is Candlemas, a traditional Christian feast day, which most people in France associate with eating crêpes.

It is customary in France to eat crêpes with your family and/or friends for Candlemas, so it is very naturally that we organized a crêpes party at the office yesterday, February 1.

It is always a good occasion to gather people for a warm evening among our residents in Dojima Avanza. This year however, it was all the more special thanks to the generous sponsorship of two partners : Nichifutsu Shōji from Kobe and Yamasan from Kyoto.

Nichifutsu Shōji is a company specialized in supplying many high-quality base ingredients from France for restaurants and hotels (like doughs or chocolate). They also happen to have a retail grocery store Bon App' in Sannomiya, where you can find many goods usually impossible to source in Japan, like high quality jams with rare flavors.

On this special occasion, we were lucky enough to have special jams that are usually not actually available, but that we were authorized to use in our crêpes : rhubarbe, pêche de vigne and Framboise (raspberries)/chocolate. The taste is strong and brings you right back to those childhood memories the way the proverbial madeleine of Proust does.

Then there was Yamasan, a company in Uji, Kyoto that specialized in traditional, highly-concentrated and high-quality matcha tea. They provided a wide array of products, among which we used the matcha powder designed for baking, which we could mix in the dough to make a matcha flavored version of our usual crêpes.

In addition, there was a matcha chocolate that we could make into a ganache to fill the crêpes, and we were also given a sakura powder (not sweetened) that would give a nice sakura taste and color to the whip cream and ganache we mixed with seasonal strawberries.

To conclude, this was definitely a nice culinary experience that allowed us once more to discover or rediscover all that Kansai has to offer in terms of nice tastes and products. We do hope to organize even more convivial gatherings like this one throughout the year, and we are looking forward to your participation!

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