Discover Karatsu City

Karatsu, located in Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, is an attractive city with a long history spanning more than 1,000 years. The city, which faces the Genkai Sea, is blessed with a rich natural environment and beautiful scenery, and has many valuable historical and cultural assets.

Karatsu Castle, the symbol of the city(It may be an exaggeration to call it the Mont Saint-Michel of Japan, but...), the Forest of Environmental Art, a famous place for autumnal foliage, and the Udono Stone Buddhas, a mysterious power spot, are all popular tourist attractions that are well worth seeing. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Karatsu Kunchi, the town's largest festival, held on November 2-4 every year.

Karatsu is also known throughout Japan as a city of gastronomy. Fresh seafood from the Genkai Sea and Saga beef, which is famous for its outstanding quality, are the focus of gourmets' attention. Special agricultural products, such as rice, citrus fruits and tea, are also renowned for their variety and taste.

For those who love pottery, Karatsu is not to be missed. Locally made Karatsu pottery has style that makes use of the texture of the clay, and has long been highly regarded in the world of tea ceremonies. To this day, Potters compete to bring innovative designs to the market.

Karatsu is also very convenient to access, with a direct train or bus ride from Fukuoka Airport in about one and a half hours. We hope you will visit Karatsu, one of Japan's most fascinating cities, which is well known to those in the know. 

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