Go to Travel: “Ready to visit Japan with NTA?”

Nippon Travel Agency (NTA) is offering you travel package with the Go To Travel campaign initiated by the Japanese Government.

The campaign actually offers you discount on your trip accommodation and transfer as well as discount tickets to use at your destination. You may want to go on famous place in Japan like Kanazawa and Hakone. Or maybe you prefer to discover a destination a little more confidential like the beautiful Setouchi Area, or powder snow ski resort. Our team will help you to arrange your travel in total serenity.

Since its establishment in 1905, our company has acquired a great experience and a solid reputation as a leading DMC in Japan. We have handled not only FIT tours but also every kinds of tours like sightseeing tour, Ad-hoc tour and MICE business and we make a commitment to satisfy all your guests.

Our international agent’s team “NTA LINK” includes French speaker and French natives and will help you with your travel experience, sparing you the stress of the communication and cultural barrier by understanding exactly your need.

You will discover that NTA is quite diverse. We use our diversity in and out of the travel industry to address various global concerns. By planning and organizing events, we address current issues such as the environment and international relations. We narrow the gap of misunderstanding between people by promoting international business and cultural exchanges and by serving as a major source of information.

Also, NTA is a major actor on SDGs activities through its “Tourism for Tomorrow” initiative guidelines. We are working to achieve the SDG’s while thinking about what we can do now on the themes of “People”, “Landscape” and “Culture”, always with a view to sustainable businesses in the future.

Continually providing a vast array of innovative ideas and quality services, NTA commits itself as a leader in promoting the enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey into this twenty first century.

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